Modular Office Furniture & Desking System

UA Office has an extensive knowledge and experience in the office system furniture and open plan office desking system in Malaysia. We have been creating comprehensive office solution for many businesses in Malaysia. We specialize in supplying and installing different types of office partitions. We aim to create stylish and modern office interior with our expertise. Our office workstation solution fluidly supports a diverse office culture and environment, which produces a productive team of elites. The physical office landscape changes rapidly in short span of time, which our office system helps support such changing demographics. Our office workstation and open plan partitions guarantee unmatched quality, and a wide range of different office range. UA Office offers work chairs, tables, accessories and more to support office open plan partitions and environment. Our focus is to create a versatile and productive office environment, which best fits your office real estate & productivity.

Our office open plan system integrates wide range of different partitions and systems, which includes office desking system, slim block system, pole system, tile system, office furniture and other accessories. These office furniture comes in a variety of different colors, designs and dimensions, which guarantees to satisfy your demands. Our modular office partition system is flexible in configurations so it could be adjusted to complement your office operations of different sorts, all packaged in a contemporary design language. It offers unprecedented features to improve on productivity, and promotes collaborations between departments. This allows quick and flexible setups, considering the rapid change of workforce today, without sacrificing on working estate and storage state for your office. Browse through our catalogue to better understand our office furniture and products, we promise you will find something that fits your office environment. Our office furniture products can be custom designed to suit all budgetary requirements whether seeking a low cost solution or a high end specification.