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UA Office Panel system is specifically designed for flexibility and diversity reasons. Our series of office panel system can be incorporated in many different office settings, in business operations, in office culture and how employees collaborate and work together. Office panels can be a simple solution to many complex situations because of its versatility. With proper integration, office panel supplies all elements required to create a total workplace environment, in creating individual work spaces or to nurture a collaborative working environment. Whether it’s for large office spaces or small ones, office panels can come together with multitude of office system collections to create a complete functional workspace. With proper functional integrity, and the ability to cable manage properly, office panel system is perfect small to large office spaces. UA office promises that our office panel system is a refined collimation of what we have gathered from past projects. We offer a breadth of surface material options that screams quality fit and finishes depending on your office needs. For more information, please kindly go through our catalogue on everything else furniture.

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