Office Furniture: How to Choose the Right Work Desk

Having the right type of office furniture for your office doesn’t just improve your productivity but it also affects your mood. This means that if you have the right furniture, you’ll find being at work more enjoyable and less stressful. However, you may still need to change your office furniture regardless of how great the one you have is. This means starting shopping a fresh which also means that you need to know the right features for office furniture.

  • Purpose

The type of office desk is determined by its function. For instance, a desk used for computer reasons is different from that used for paperwork filing. A computer desk needs to have a separate compartment for the PC and a paperwork desk needs to be larger to accommodate a large number of files. You can also choose a desk that is suitable for both purposes. For more storage space, choose a desk that has cabinets as well as shelves. UA Furniture has a wide assortment of desks that will be perfect for any purpose. Even if you have a smaller space, you’ll find a compact desk from the company.
  • Comfort

The ideal office desk should have enough room for you to stretch your legs easily. Choose a desk that is at least 30in high. This will allow you to place your computer and stationery in a comfortable position. The keyboard drawer should be lower to prevent straining. Make sure the keyboard drawer has enough room for a mouse as well. The office chair and the desk can be separated by at least 3 feet to make it easier to reach for items placed on the desk.

  • Quality

The quality of office furniture can be determined by the way the product is constructed. Focus on the way the drawers are made and whether they open and close easily, especially when some weight is placed on the office desk. Make sure the drawers can come out to their full length and check their construction to see whether they have been assembled correctly. Make sure there are no gaps between the drawer and the desk when the drawer is closed. Be careful not to be swayed by warranties provided by a company because that will not change the quality of the furniture. A high-quality office desk will be more durable and will not have any fraying or scratch easily.

  • Size

Most of the time the size of the furniture is determined by the work pattern of an individual. If you are the type of person who gets messy when trying to complete a project then a larger office table is better. However, if you can keep the area neat then a smaller table will be more suitable. The office space also contributes to the size of the desk you get. Make sure you can comfortably reach items placed on top of the desk. If it’s a shared desk, make the size allows strategic placement that will give everyone access. Another factor to consider when selecting the size is a comfort. If you want an office desk that you can use while alternating sitting and standing then consider a stand-up desk.

  • The Right Type

Apart from design, office furniture are also made using different materials. You, therefore, need to choose one that is best suited for your needs and objectives. If you want a desk that will last longer then a steel desk is the best choice. Such desks are more affordable and can handle more workload. They are not easily dented or damaged even when used by many people. Wood is another material commonly used on office desks. Wooden desks tend to be more expensive because of their elegance. Another option is veneer which is comprised of wood and another inferior base. Although they are the most expensive, they are also delicate and may not be suitable for rough or heavy work routines. Laminated desks are another option to consider. Such an office table is made of wood that is covered with plastic material. They are not as delicate as wooden desks but you should still choose one that has been laminated with a higher pressure.


One of the best companies to get such furniture with ease is AU Furniture. The company has a selected team that have professional qualifications to cater for your office furniture needs. They have high-quality products that are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes and suitable for different needs.

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