How Your Office Chairs Impact Employee Productivity

Most companies in Malaysia require employees to work for around for 40 hours every week especially if they are employed on a permanent basis. Most of those hours are usually spent sitting with some study showing that every employee spends over 7 hours sitting on their desk every day. This shows that the type of office chairs you choose to have had a direct impact on how employees behave, which translates to their level of productivity. You, therefore, need to understand the direct connection between the office chairs and productivity as well as how you can make the situation better for your employees.

  • Comfort & Ergonomics

This is one of the main factors that affect the productivity of employees. Uncomfortable employees will spend a lot of time moving around trying to adjust their sitting position. As they do this, their attention will be on the source of their discomfort which is the office furniture and how they can feel better. They will not be concentrating on their work and will, therefore, have a lower productivity level. Having comfortable chairs allows them to focus on their work more and this leads to better productivity

This shows that you need to supply your employees with office furniture that enhances comfort. This also means you need to work with a reliable company that understands your employees’ needs and how that affects your business. UA Office is the best company for those in Malaysia. They have the best office furniture ranging from chairs to office desks. For instance, their office chairs are adaptable, which means your employees will be able to adjust the height, arms, and backs to suit their comfort level. They’ll be able to support their shoulders and backs properly leaving them to focus only on their work responsibilities and be more productive.

  • Monotony

Spending over 5 hours in the same position can be boring. Since this is what happens with employees, their focus is affected and thus, their productivity. When they have to sit in the same position with just a few minutes of breaks, they will not function as effectively as they should because the monotony affects their minds.

One of the best ways to deal with this is to give your employees an environment that allows them to change frequently. UA office can help you achieve this with their variety of desking concepts. You’ll be able to give your employees seating options that keep them engaged and focused leading to better productivity.

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